Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Late Birthday to Me!

Finals seriously messed with my birthday this year. Rather than actually celebrating on my birthday I took a final and celebrated the day before and after and the day after that. It was a birthday week rather than just a day. But because of the craziness I've neglected the poor little blog. Here are some pics of my bday loot, I really cleaned up this year.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


I'm coming to a realization. This is something that I suspected before. Lace scarfs are not the most exciting thing in the world to knit. They do have that vaguely addictive quality of there being a slight difference every now and then, but when you're trying to go through 440 yards of lace weight yarn even that get tedious.

Another important realization is that I will not have my mother's day gift done in time. To the right is the flame lace scarf from knit and tonic, which I intend to give my mom someday, like in June when I'm not spending as much quality time in the library. Or maybe I'll have it done by her birthday in August. The surprise has already been spoiled since I worked on it last time I was home, but at least I know she'll like whenever its done. Of course, moms seem to like anything that you make them, I guess that's just part of the job.