Sunday, May 10, 2009

knitting on airplanes = ok

Summer is upon, as are summer travel plans for some.  Thus now seems like an apprioprate time to share this post from the Evolution of Security blog, which Robert sent me yesterday.  Evolution of Security is the TSA's blog, and based on a quick persuing is actually fairly interesting and down to earth. 

The post explains that a few items commonly thought to be forbidden are actually allowed onto airplanes, such as knitting needles, nail clippers, and corckscrews (but only the kind without the little knife).  And apparently needles made of any material are allowed.  Personally, I became rather less concerned about being allowed to bring my knitting needles on board when I got through secruity with a pair of scissors and a pocket knife.  But that may just be because I don't look particularly threatening.  But anyway, feel free to break out those lovely metal needles and click away as you put your summer travel time to good use!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

What to do?

I have a bit of problem that I'm going to confess: I have a lot of stuff.  Somehow over my (almost) 24 years I've managed to accumlate quite a bit in terms of wordly possessions.   In anticipation of moving sometime this summer I have slowly been going through my room trying to weed out things I don't need.  I threw out that binder of papers from the write on competition last summer, I have a bag of clothes ready to be donated, and I listed a bunch of my old college books for sale on amazon.

But then I come to my knitting.  I have a couple of old projects that are finished but never reason.  This sweater in particular comes to mind:

I finished it the fall of 2007 and have woren it maybe once, and I was at home by myself.  The only reason I made this sweater was to use up the yarn.  This yarn has lived a very toturted existence.  I first made a sweater with but then realized I didn't have enough of it.  I then made a vest with it and it was much too big.  And since completeing this third incarnation it has sat around in my room and somehow developed a mysterious hole in the collar.  

Sadly, I don't really like this poor sweater.  The yarn is itchy and rough, a poor choice made when I was began knitting.  The sweater isn't all that flattering and doesn't fit well.  So what do I do?  What does a knitter do when they have a completed project that they just don't like but have no need or use for the yarn? Should I toss it the donate bag? Probably but I feel bad tossing something I made.

So I'm curious what do other people do in this situation?  Toss the unwanted project and move on or hold onto it in case someday another possible use is thought up?