Tuesday, July 7, 2009

FOs: Cape Cod Edition

I had a super relaxing 4th of July weekend with my Robbie and his family (Many thanks again to Doreen for letting us come!). It was sunny for the first time in weeks, AND Robert even humored me by letting me take a picture of him with my current sock project at the beach. The pattern is the Show-Off Stranded Sock by Ann Campbell and I'm using the Aisling yarn I got from the CT Sheep and Wool Festival.

I've been rather productive in the past week. I finished my Froot Loop Socks, and while I didn't finish them on the Cape I did pack them and take a picture from the top deck of the condo. I really liked this pattern. It's so cute and easy. I also liked the yarn a lot. Plymouth Happy Feet is such a great deal, it only cost about $10 for enough yarn to make a pair of socks. The yarn held up great, is nice and squishy, and machine washable! (but I have not yet tired to wash them so who know how they'll hold up)

I did finish one project over the holiday, my very first crochet project! I recently decided to learn crochet and with some help from my mom and her 30 year old learn to crochet book I was gone.
I made the one skein scraf from the "Happy Hooker" and used a skein of Patons Classic Mernio I had sitting around so it was even a stash-busting project, score! I don't think crochet will replace knitting for me, but I feel crochet has its uses so its good that I learned it.