Wednesday, September 26, 2007

two at a time

So how does a busy a law student managed to get all her homework done and still find time for knitting?

Very easy jobs apparently.

Working in the law school bookstore isn't very demanding it turns out. Everyday I pack up my backpack to bring to work with books and my computer but no yarn. At work there is often nothing to do but sit behind counter and stare off into space, however instead of staring at nothing or obsessing over how much coffee is left I actually do homework. Of course sometimes the temptation to refold the sweatshirts is overwhelming when faced with personal jurisdiction and estoppals but then I think, "If I get through this, if I survive, than I can knit all evening."

So far this tactic seems to be working, because I'm getting my homework done and plenty of knitting. I've finished the back and fronts of the tilted duster and now I'm making good headway on the sleeves. I've already done 4 of the 7 increase rows so I'm making steady progress, and am really quite pleased with myself.

Now if only I could get myself to work on my SKB or that sweater for my sister I'd be all set.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

makes me wonder

All right, so here's my shooping tunic. It's all done, and in under week. Too bad it looks better on my bed than on me. The cowl neck is a little too floppy, and its just HUGE. I didn't think it was that big looking at other FOs but I felt a little silly when I tired it on because of the neck. Seriosuly, it just wasn't working for me.

I'm not completely giving up hope. Perhaps if I wash it and everything it will look better. Maybe? Please?

Hopefully, my titled duster will turn out better. I got the yarn earlier this week, and I just love the color. It has touches of all sorts of other shades through out it. So when you look at it from far away it looks like a plain tan, but close up it has reds and purples and yellows playing through the fabric.

My guage was off, and 16 sts/4ins instead of 17 on size 9s. But I can't really go down to 8s because my 8s are kind of broken. So I had been planning to make the 36" size but now I'm going to make the smallest size which with my guage should give me about a 34" finished size instead, which is actually more of I wanted anyway. So we'll see if I can actually make a sweater that I like this time.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

take what ya take

So what happens when you're two days ahead on your homework and you have a whole Sunday with nothing to do?

Lots and lots of knitting. Or finishing as the case may be.

I've finally finished my blackberry, or perhaps I should call it strawberry. It only took me 3 months and that's with about half that time no work being done on her at all. The only modification I made was leaving off the bobbles, because I'm just not a fan of those things.

It's been a couple days now and she's still drying from the blocking. However, I did give her a quick try before blocking and I am happy to say that I did not look like a strawberry in it. She was quite cute actually, it'll be the perfect sweater for wearing around the apartment on those chilly days when I'm too cheap to turn up the thermostat.

Next to my strawberry is another calorimetry. I got a hair cut yesterday that I'm not overly thrilled with and decided that headbands will be a good accessory until I feel like risking the scissors again. On the plus side, I now have a cute headband that matches my sweater.

I'm still waiting for my Peruvia for the tilted duster, but in the mean time I've casted on for the Shopping Tunic. I'm using wool-ease in charcoal since that's the only super bulky yarn that I can afford, but I'm still excited about it.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Power Out

Yikes, this is sad. It's been since June that I last posted?!

Well despite my abscene from blogging I have been knitting. I made this adorable little guy for my friend Scott's birthday. Since taking this picture my little hedgehog got eyes, a nose, and went to his new home where he is loved very much. He was quite the talk of the evening. Apparently, most people are not aware that you can knit a hedgehog.

I've also been working on knitty's blackberry. My camera doesn't feel like working so no picture right now sadly, but all I need to do is seem it up and add the border.

Next on the list is IK's tilted duster. I've ordered the recommended Peruvia in a beautiful tan color that has hints of purple, red, and green in it. Hopefully, it'll get here soon.

I'm also going to start the shopping tunic as soon as I get the pattern. So right now my knitting consists of a lot of waiting around, but I'll up and going again soon.