Saturday, September 15, 2007

Power Out

Yikes, this is sad. It's been since June that I last posted?!

Well despite my abscene from blogging I have been knitting. I made this adorable little guy for my friend Scott's birthday. Since taking this picture my little hedgehog got eyes, a nose, and went to his new home where he is loved very much. He was quite the talk of the evening. Apparently, most people are not aware that you can knit a hedgehog.

I've also been working on knitty's blackberry. My camera doesn't feel like working so no picture right now sadly, but all I need to do is seem it up and add the border.

Next on the list is IK's tilted duster. I've ordered the recommended Peruvia in a beautiful tan color that has hints of purple, red, and green in it. Hopefully, it'll get here soon.

I'm also going to start the shopping tunic as soon as I get the pattern. So right now my knitting consists of a lot of waiting around, but I'll up and going again soon.

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