Wednesday, March 18, 2009

To My Robbie...

Happy Birthday & Anniversary!!!

Today is Robert's birthday and tomorrow marks our one year anniversary.  Robert often likes to tease me that he had to work harder to get me than any other girl in the past because it took me awhile to realize that I liked him.  But this marks the time when I finally came around and succomed to the charms of the man.  (Yesterday he asked to be called the man rather than the boy, I figure I should humor him at least for today)

Sadly his socks are not yet ready for either of these occassions and I already gave him his other present, which was a replacement for his favorite hat that was found on the sameday that the new one arrived.  But I do have another surprise in mind for him for later.  

Tomorrow is also my sister's birthday, so Happy Birthday Karen!!

btw: the top picture is of us from a camping trip at Mongaup Pond in New York last fall.  It's very pretty up there and we're going back for Memorial Day this year :).