Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pipes in the Valley!

Today was Hartford's 9th Annual Pipes in the Valley, their Celtic music festival.  Despite the heat it was so much fun.  There was all sorts of cool stuff there.

Like Highland cows, which are the cutest cows ever.  Their long coats are adorable but with the temperature hitting 90 today I felt pretty bad for them.

There was an itty bitty owl from a bird rescue place.  I forget the name, but these little guys are native to Connecticut, how cute!

Robbie bought me pretty new earrings

There was music.  That's the Red Hot Chili Pipers accompanied by local pipers.  It was definitely cool hearing covers of rock songs with bag pipes.

Of course, I knit during the show.  I brought my latest sock project along.  My friend Katie won VIP tickets so we got to hang out in the 'VIP Garden' and drink free Ten Penny Ale, yum!

Ah, there's nothing like ice cold beer and knitting on a hot day.  Now its time to cool down and hope I didn't get sunburned.

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Anonymous said...

The owl is an Eastern Screech Owl :3 Pipes in the Valley was fun!