Sunday, March 28, 2010

Energy Project Progress

The spinning continues, and its going even better today than yesterday.  I spent part of this morning perusing the Beginning Spinning Group on Ravelry, and learned quite a bit.  Using my new found knowledge I split my huge ball of roving into two smaller ones and this has made spinning it quite a bit easier.  I'm also getting somewhat more consistent results, though the thickness still varies quite a bit.  But I think the project is going very well, and as an added bonus, spinning doesn't seem to bother my wrist.  I've spent a couple hours this afternoon spinning with no pain at all, where as spending this much time knitting, crocheting, or typing on a computer without a break frequently causes pain in my right wrist or hand.  Overall, I am really enjoying spinning and feel immensely proud of my little bit of yarn, as I'm sure Robert could tell you since I keep showing it off to him.

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